Thanks to the students who have made work at NIML exciting and productive!



For a list of NIML team members who are faculty and/or medical collaborators please click here.

Postdoctoral Fellows

PhD Students

MS Students

BS Students

Medical Student Trainees

Technical Support Staff

NIML Alumni (past students and researchers)

Past Ph.D. students Past M.S. students Past B.S. students
Soroush Pahlavian Benedict Danny Albert Anthikat Amanda Elliott
Suraj Thyagaraj Arthur Hirsch Elissa Scannapieco
Kamal Shahim Leonie Asboth Gabriel Montoya
Theresia Yiallourou Maggie Eppelheimer Serge Metrailler
Nicholas Shaffer Emilie Farine
Christian Meuli
Adrien Demuralt
Aurélie Picquot
Georges Muller
LeeAnn Hold