Neurohydrodynamics working group meeting



The Neurohydrodynamics Working Group (NWG) is an informal focus group comprised of medical doctors and engineers from different institutions around the world. Anyone is welcome to join by attending the meeting in person or virtually (see virtual meeting attendance information below).

The NWG meets on the last Thursday of every month (usually) from 14-15h CEST at the EPFL BM 5204 room. In general, we have one presentation (20-30 minutes) and then an open discussion about current projects / ideas.

Neurohydrodynamics working group meeting schedule (winter/spring 2012):

Thursday, January 26 - BM 5204, 14 to 15h CEST
Thursday, February 23 - BM 5204, 14 to 15h CEST
Thursday, March 22 - BM 5204, 14 to 15h CEST
Thursday, April 26 - TBD
Thursday, May 31 - BM 5204, 14 to 15h CEST
Thursday, June 28 - BM 5204, 14 to 15h CEST
Thursday, July 26 - BM 5204, 14 to 15h CEST

Past presentations (in .pdf format)

Past presentations at the NWG are shown below. If you are interested to make a presentation at the next meeting please send an email to [1].

Meeting minutes and agenda

Please click here to see the meeting minutes from past months. For access to view the agenda, please send an email to me.

Virtual meeting attendance

If you are not able to attend in person, you can join the meeting virtually anytime by going to You will be asked to input your name, location and email and then able to join directly via your web browser (no software installation is needed besides updating your java). If possible, please join 5 or 10 minutes before the meeting start so you can check your sound connection.