Information for New NIML Student Researchers


This page provides information for new NIML student researchers concerning training, safety and forms.

Vandal card and email account

New students and visiting scientists need a vandal card and email account to join the lab.

  • Go to the UI Vandal Card office and get a card (if you have not already done so)
  • If a visiting scientist, get a sponsored email account set up [1]

Safety training

All student researchers in the NIML must complete the following safety training courses and forms:

  • Go to [2]
  • Login with your Vandal login name
  • Look for Environmental Health and Safety toward the bottom in the gold box on the left and click that
  • Click on "Laboratory Safety", do not pay attention to the date or time
  • Add "Laboratory Safety" to your cart and check out.
  • Add "Fire Safety" to your cart (if possible, may not be available yet).
  • The system will send you a link to take the course(s) above
  • Email Dr. Martin to let him know when you have completed the safety courses (after that is complete do the Lab Safety Agreement (below)
  • Complete the lab safety agreement, Return signed agreement to Judy Vandegrift, (cc Dr. Martin)
  • Ask Dr. Martin to request access to the IRIC 120, 115, 220k, and 118 (office only).

Biosafety training

If working with biological tissues complete the following steps

  • Enroll and complete the blood born pathogen training online (email Judy to get enrolled)
  • Contact EHS (208)885-6524 to get Hepatitis A and B vaccine, or officially decline. Alternatively, provide records of previous immunization.
  • Read lab biosafety manual, review with Dr. Martin and sign last page

Undergraduate research forms

Depending on your position, you must complete some of the forms below (see instructions and send to Dr. Martin when complete).

CITI training

If you will be working on a project involving human subject data (e.g. MRI) please complete the CITI training in the steps below:

  1. Go to CITI training program for human subjects research.
  2. Affiliate with University of Idaho
  3. Complete "Stage 1 Basic Course"
  4. Complete "Responsible Conduct of Research"
  5. Complete "Conflicts of Interest"
  6. Complete "Initial Biosafety Training"
  7. Email your certification of completion forms (all of them) to Dr. Martin

Conflict of interest (COI)

Check with Dr. Martin to determine if you need a COI form for your project.

NIML Administrator Group Rights

All new NIML student researchers should be added to the NIML Computer User Group. To do this:

  • Send an email to Dr. Martin with your NETID and request for access.
  • Owner/sponsor --> Manage Groups